Is there something to be worried about when uninstalling MS Edge

I use Brave, and find no use for MS Edge. Trying to uninstall what I don’t need, I found out that can delete MS Edge (In the Remove Bloatware section for Windows.) My only concern with this is the possibility that brave might get uninstalled and then I have no browser.

Thinking about this a little, I think I should keep a brave download on my laptop. Will this work? And worst case scenario, I use a system restore point. Should I remove it?

As a note, currently, I have all connections from ms edge and edge updater blocked with portmaster.

Edge and Brave are two completely different applications. Brave is stored in a different location than Edge. It should be fine to uninstall Edge.

Also keep in mind, sometimes the script to remove Edge doesn’t work, I have used it before and it has removed Edge but other times it has failed to do so.

Hope this helps :grinning:

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Sorry that I didn’t clarify. I meant that if I uninstall Edge, which you say might not work, I lose a browser, right? Now, what if, somehow, me or someone else, uninstalls brave through control panel for example. Then I wont have any browsers, right? I know that using the script to uninstall edge wont uninstall brave, I just want to know what would happen if brave is uninstalled later. This is why I mentioned the possibility of me just keeping a brave install .exe on my laptop in case brave is uninstalled. I cant download from the internet because I’ll have no browser. In that case, I use the .exe. Hope this clarifies things.

I would also keep an eye out after the next Windows update if Edge re-installs itself……Microsoft has a bad habit of messing with things post update.

you can switch on “auto start” for the script to run it on every boot.

You may risk breaking your system.

Yes, but, you can always factory reset Windows therefore, re-instating Edge. If you want you could keep the Brave installer on your computer to prevent you from having to do a factory reset. It is also very unlikely your problem would happen in the first place.

Hope this helps :grinning:


Thank everyone for their help! But, when I tried it, MS Edge didn’t even uninstall. I appreciate all of your though! :smiley:

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Even if somehow all your browsers get deleted, you can still use WinGet to download any browser of your choice.

I realized that after remembering how I downloaded librewolf with winget

Yes you can delete microsoft edge, nothing will happen.
Don’t listen to people that say “you may break your system”, that’s nonsense and they obviously have no clue what they are talking about.

Edge is not an essential system component…

Uninstalling will not delete the bloatware btw, visist
Klick on “remove bloatware” then klick the option to “uninstall edge”.
This way the bloatware will be fully removed.