Is there any good open spurce DESKTOP app alternative for 2FA?

In my work place due to secuirity we are using google authenticator asside ftom thefact thT its google which is sucks. It also forces me to out of his faradie beg just for that which is quite annoying Is there any good alternative you can recomend me on that will work on the computer?

There’s 2fast. Open-source, easy-to-use and is privacy respecting. This app is only avaliable on Windows.

If you are on Linux, there’s GNOME Authenticator.

Thanks i will look into it!

It is recommended to use 2fa on mobile since desktop apps aren’t quite as well sandboxed as their Android counterparts also this will introduce a central point of failure i.e if you’re desktop gets hacked, there is a good chance you will lose access to your accounts and potentially be a victim of data theft.

i swear Naomi Brockwell did a vid on this not long ago but i couldn’t quickly find it for you

One option that adds both security and convenience, which is rather rare for stuff like this, would be to use a Yubikey with the Yubico Authenticator app on your desktop and your phone.

This will allow you to have access to your TOTP codes from pretty much any device, as long as you have your Yubikey with you. And your TOTP seeds are not being stored on the same device you are also using to login to your account.

There is an important thing to be aware though. Once you setup a TOTP account using a Yubikey there is absolutely no way to export your seeds after that. For this reason, I highly recommend keeping a copy of the TOTP seeds or the QR codes in an offline encrypted storage.

If you don’t do that, you will have no way to setup a second Yubikey in the future with the same TOTP seeds if you need to. And then your only option would be to remove 2FA from every single account you are using and set it up again.

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maby but i won’t advsie it for security reasons

wow. i actually forget to reply to that :sweat_smile:

Important to say: i was aware of the risks of having the 2fa on my PC when i asked for that. but i decided this is a risk i am willing to take. simply due to the fact that i prefer to not having to put my phone out of the farady beg.

any way iw ill think i will go with @reformed_sandpaper Suggestion and give yubikey a chance

@reformed_sandpaper has some really great advice and would follow it.
there are some ppl who use KeepassXC with a Yubikey. If it is any interest, please have a look at a tutorial I wrote on how to set it up.
Follow the setup instructions carefully should you feel this setup is for you.

alternatively you could use a Raspberry Pi with KeepassXC and a Yubikey. Consider using the Pi only when you need to use 2FA.

If anyone would like to add to or critique my little input please let me know.

I was,just lookimg into yubikey and i found on there stiore several different but othee then the price i have a,hard time teklling the diffrence. Any help?

And just to be clear talking about the five series