Is there a way to sync protondrive with desktop folders?

I can live with the small space storage space. But what is a potential deal breaker for me is inabilty to sync folders with the cloud service is there any way to make it happen?

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I don’t think you can yet, but this is one of the features I’m waiting for to potentially switch over fully to Proton Drive over Google Drive. Not that I really use Google Drive lately.

At this time, there is no way to sync files/folders, on any platform. Wouldn’t suprise me if sync functionality is being worked on. Though, Proton has a habit of taking a long time to develop their services. I’m thinking 2024/2025, until it’s cross-platform.

You could look at alternatives like Filen, Mega, or iCloud (With ADP), but I can’t outright recommend any, at this time. Filen is a “new” company, and they don’t have a positive/negative track record. They could be good… but that’s TBD. Mega is ethicably questionable, with sketchy leadership. iCloud with ADB is new, and has all the benefits of iCloud. In theory it should be great, but you will need an Apple device.

It is being worked on, they said so in the 2023 roadmap announcement. They also said it was only the Windows and macOS clients that were in development, and there is no mention of when they would start development on the Linux client.

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I’ve given up on waiting for Proton, I’m using a hosted Nextcloud now with some encryption on highly personal files. The beta client is available for some people already, I think it should come out of beta maybe in summer. For Windows at least.

I used to work with Mega but ever sense it mental outlaw mentioned that they are effectivly run by the newziland goverment i stopped trusting them. If i ever comeback it will only be with the use of cryptomator’

Im gonna give filen a look. Any other segguestions for possible alternatives?

Not a bad move. Waiting for Proton to actually deliver a final product can be a multi-year wait. Not even Calendar is 100% completed on all clients and leaves much to be desired.

I personally don’t really care.

I use Proton Drive for my files with sensitive data, and I don’t want the files sync’ed to other devices. I just want them store encrypted in a way where they are also easily accessible, Proton Drive does this just fine without sync.

All my other files like video, music, office docs, notes, etc., I store all this on NextCloud, I really like some of the apps NC has, and I don’t see myself moving my files to PD even if they added a sync function.


Sadly, no. None that use E2E Encryption, anyway.