Is there a way to customize permissions for extensions in Firefox?

This video recommends granting browser extensions the least amount of permissions possible:

First, this seems like a reasonable recommendation, yes?

I am able to do this easily on Brave/Chrome. I do not see a way to do this in Firefox. Is there a way to do so?

In Firefox, go to about:addons and choose Extensions. For each extension, you’ll see a “more” (three dots) button. Click on it and choose Manage. There, you’ll see a Permissions tab that enumerates required permissions and allows you to toggle any optional ones.

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@Acolyte Thank you, unfortunately, while that page has many options, none of them appear to be for things like “On all sites” “This site” or “When you click the extension”, as it appears in the video and as I am able to do in Brave/Chrome. Does Firefox simply not allow that? It does not seem to be an option for any extensions at all on FF, so it seems like a case of FF not even offering it as an option.

Indeed, it appears that this menu choice is not generally available for Firefox extensions.