Is there a way to backup without google drive?

On a degoogled phone , you can too backup your whatsapp. Basically whatsapp creates a local copy of the whatsapp backup before uploading it to the google drive. On a de-googled phone whatsapp will not be able to fetch any google account but it still gives the option to backup . After which you can find the backup from the Android>media>com.whatsapp>backups folder and copy it to another folder which you sync with services like nextcloud , which i personally use.

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If you do this, then you’re losing the benefit of WhatsApp’s e2ee. You’re also adding another party to trust in keeping the messages secure. The article you link is 6 years old and I’m not sure if any of the services promoted are open source or audited. Regardless, WhatsApp has a disappearing messages feature now (similar to Signal’s) that is probably the better way of sending ephemeral messages (or just use Signal!).

Whatsapp is Facebook/Meta so there is no privacy as they are a mega data gathering corporation.

What you are saying is true and I appreciate your feedback. Keep in mind I only suggested message self destruct links as a work around for people who need to send low level privacy messages via Whatsapp and are having difficulty in getting their friends and family to use Signal or Session.

Personally I would never use Whatsapp either by itself or with a self destruct messaging service should my communications require a high level of privacy and security. That being a conversation between myself, doctor or lawyer as an example.
I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Whatsapp. What I am saying [personally] is that I don’t trust the code nor the supporting corporation. If they were to say “We sell 100% all natural organic beef.” my first reaction would be disbelief. Cynicism would overload my mind prompting me to think their meat is made from bio engineered soy and insects. Just because Whatsapp says this and that about their services doesn’t mean the information they provide isn’t misleading.

Has a security focused third party foundation audited Whatsapp code and servers to confirm validity and soundness? Any takers concerning this question?

side note: I am somewhat surprised no one here has suggested using Onionshare to send messages.

Your files and media should be able to backup with most cloud provider apps. But Androids’ app data folders are not accessible by other user installed apps on non-rooted smartphones. The backup app needs to be built into the OS. That’s why some custom OS’s have Seedvault built-in, which can backup to Nextcloud and external storage.