Is there a way to backup without google drive?

I am trying to degoogle my phone, and I know alternatives like mega exist but I meant redirect apps that backup using google drive (E.g Whatsapp), Is there any way to do this?

Just to make it easier to understand, does the app in question only support gdrive and you want to make it so that is something else?
Assuming you have a cloud storage account with another provider.

If I could, I would follow the 1+2=3 rule
1 cloud
2 local backups.

Yes, It only supports Google Drive, And could you elaborate on that last part? I don’t think I quite understand

I am fairly sure there will be security measures in place to stop an app redirecting your backups. So I don’t know that this is possible.

The 3 - 2 - 1 rule is a rule for keeping backups.
3 - Keep 3 copies of your data.
2 - In 2 places.
1 - 1 of those places should be in a different physical location (the cloud) .

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i can’t remember which post but someone said they used a raspberry pi with nextcloud to backup their files.

I use NextCloud, but as far as I know there is no way (atleast in most apps, like WhatsApp) to backup to NextCloud.

You may be able to download the backup and upload it to NextCloud, but I think that’s the only way.

i’m not at all certain. i responded with what i thought could be helpful.

I’ve migrated off of Google Drive for my phone’s backups and use a home server with Syncthing. It works very well and is completely self-hosted. WhatsApp backups can be stored locally on your phone (they don’t make it obvious in the settings how to do this, but an internet search should turn up a guide) and then that folder can be backed up with Syncthing.

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My fault. The wording was a little off to me.
Apologies @Safari_Knight :sweat_smile:

And this is why I wouldn’t use whatsapp if I wasn’t forced to

That sucks but I guess it is the price for de-googling

Was this a work or family relates group that forced you to download the app?

awwk. why would you be allowing whatsapp on a degoogled phone to start with?

You can always create another profile in android using shelter, or something similar, and then it sanctions off the apps people may not want to begin with. I did this with Spotify, and have been tryring to move away from it.

I do peer to peer syncing via syncthing and you can always do physical backups :smiley:

Because some people still have to use WhatsApp? I’m sure this individual doesn’t want to still use WhatsApp.

(And even if they did, that’s fine. Using WhatsApp on a degoogled device is still better than using WhatsApp on a Googled device)


I’m slowly but surely convincing my friends and family to migrate to Signal but I still need WhatsApp for work, friends who aren’t on Signal, and community group chats. And while I would never recommend WhatsApp as someone’s first choice of messenger, it’s not bad compared to other proprietary options. At least the messages are e2ee with the signal protocol by default.


i use google drive & dropbox but i encrypt all my file before posting it there i use gpg the AES256 encryption so yeah still google & dropbox inc so no reading or seeing for them

Does something mandate whatsapp? Or is it a family & friends on it thing? Come to think I have run into someone who only does their personal coaching mainly through it.

create your message on one of the following URLs then use whatsapp to send the link.