Is the Pixel Tablet with GOS a good secure alternative to a laptop?

I’ve been looking into daily driving a device with a larger screen that has good security practices. So before hand I would’ve considered a Chromebook or Mac but with the Pixel Tablet now out and more of a justifiable price point in my view. I am wondering if anyone else has (or plans to) rock this setup and what the experience is like

My main use case would be entertainment, browsing, note-taking and a few creativity apps that are mobile friendly anyways. Would it be suffice for my use case to daily drive? I am looking for a second opinion before making plans for a purchase at a whim


It sounds like it would fit your use-case, but keep in mind this is Google’s first tablet in a while and they aren’t known for hitting it out of the ballpark first-try when it comes to usability for some of their hardware. So I’d see what people have to say about the tablet from a UX perspective even without grapheneOS because a lot of that will likely carry over, minus the Google smart stuff, which I’ve heard some say is all the tablet is good for :frowning: