Is the PineTime a smartwatch with enough functionality to recommend to others?

Smartwatches can make life much easier. They’re an extension of your probably most used device, your smartphone. But they also are awful for your privacy, well most at least.

What about the FOSS watches, like the pinetime? The pinetime is rather inexpensive (about $25 + shipping & import for the US, 60€ from But how usable is it? What does it actually support nowadays?

This might be interesting for people wanting to get a smartwatch, but not being sure if one is privacy respecting enough. I personally know nothing about smartwatches, but would like to know if the pinetime with InfiniTime can be recommended to others and what it actually supports.
From some people I’ve heard that it supports media controls, some maps and so on, but I also have heard the opposite from others. Is there some list of what it is capable of?

Thanks to everyone who can give me their opinion/analysis of the pinetime with InfiniTime :smile:


I have been using a pinetime for a few months now and I feel it is a good enough smart watch but could use improvements. I cannot speak to much to the privacy aspect of the pinetime (as I have not dug too much into it) but I have not noticed gadgetbridge (the app) using any data so it probably is privacy respecting enough. I didn’t buy the pinetime for the heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, or the step counter so I am not sure how to use them on your phone or how well they compare with other smart watches but I don’t feel they are the best. The step counter seems pretty far off from my experience, it heavily under counts the number of steps.
I bought the pinetime mostly for notifications, hoping to use it like I used my pebble watch before it died. From the notification point of view it’s just OK. The latest version (finally) lets you dismiss notifications but even without that it will only show you the last 5. Text messages notifications work except when it’s a group text, nothing shows up on the watch for those. I don’t have another watch to test it on so I am not sure if this is a limitation gadgetbridge or an issue with the watch.
Music controls seem to work well enough when using a local music player (like vlc) but seem to have issues when using spotify, I keep my phone close enough that I tend to just pull it out and control music from there. I have not heard anything about maps other than that there is a navigation app on the watch I cannot figure out what it does.

Over all It is not as good of a watch as my old pebble smartwatch but the updates i have been seeing come out for it make me feel it is slowly getting better.

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It is. That is the one thing I am not concerned about.
While it is using Bluetooth, it does not have any WiFi connection or anything like that.

Would be interesting to know how well all of these work. From what I read, the heart rate monitor (apparently as the step counter) is not the most accurate, but accurate enough for most cases.

Even if you delete them?

Not even that you got a message in said message?

Doesn’t matter to me. Would be interesting to know, but doesn’t change the fact that non working notifications are a bad thing.

That is quite sad. Most people do use spotify, or another streaming service. What is the actual problem there?

As far as I understood it, you open the a navigation app on your phone and the pinetime gets the updates from your phone. I know that it works with Amazfish+Puremaps, but don’t know if it works with anything else. It might work with GadgetBridge + OSMand now tho #2387 - [Feature Request] OsmAnd to InfiniTime Navigation App - Gadgetbridge -
Could you check if this works nowadays? I think navigation is one feature a lot of people would want to use.

At least something! Maybe it can properly be used in a couple of months. From what I’ve read, it sounds like the perfect device (nearly no compute power, but a lot of functionality softwarewise). Thanks for your experience with the pinetime.

Yeah for basic stuff it’s fine

What is basic stuff for you?
From what @luewing wrote, a lot of things don’t seem to properly work.

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The spotify issue i have is that I can see the currently playing song and pause/play (with a slight delay) but skipping to the next or previous song doesn’t always work for me. I attribute this to using a free spotify account given the other inconsistent behaviors I have with spotify.

Notifications on the pinetime work as a queue, if there are 5 notifications it will clear the oldest when a new notification come in. My understanding is the queue size is a memory limitation that might increase as development goes on but for now they want to keep as much memory free for new features.

for the group texts its nothing, I will know its group text because my phone will vibrate but my wrist will not. Other notifications like from discord or emails work without issue. it is a bit annoying that group texts do not work as my family mostly talks in group texts. Another down side to the notifications is that they do not display a timestamp and even though the notification title will scroll the text within the notification will not.

The navigation thing is interesting as I recently had to disable OSMand notification in gadgetbridge because i found if you are driving and navigating with OSMand, then take a wrong turn that you will get spammed with OSMand notifications on the watch while it is trying to re-navigate. I can try playing around with it this week but based on that link it sounds like it is still a work in progress.

Time telling, notifications, that’s all I use it for lol

Interesting, would assume that it happens due to the free account. Doesn’t sound like much of a problem then.

Most likely. From how I understand what you write, also not a problem for a lot of people (especially people like me that have most notifications deactivated)

This is actually annoying. What apps are affected? I assume Signal, Whatsapp and Telegram?
That Discord and e-mails work is something good.

This doesn’t even sound like that big of a problem, if one at all.

This whole paragraph is really interesting. While it still is in WIP, I don’t think that this behavior should ever happen. Thanks for this, this actually impacts usability (at least currently) negatively.