Is the "burner" app recommended to mask your real phone number?

When using this app, is there a risk that a scammer or a creep could still figure out the real number?

Could you provide a link to the app in question? I haven’t heard of it before.

i would like an link to does it work simpler to

Hi, this is the app

I have been using it and it does what it says, but I wanted a second opinion since I don’t see it recommended on privacy sites that much.

I actually haven’t used before, so I wouldn’t know the difference :slight_smile:

with the burner app you basically pick a phone number that you give to strangers and then the calls a forwarded to your real number. Then you can “burn” or get rid of the fake number when you are done using it. It’s useful to receive temporary codes or when you need to give a number to a website you’ll never use again.