Is some amount of privacy with Facebook Messenger possible?


My school is requiring me to use Facebook Messenger. I was wondering if there is a way to use it without having to install the official app, but still get notified for new messages.

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First of all - how is it “requiring” exactly? Why specifically Facebook? I would really try to at least push back. Facebook is cancer :slightly_frowning_face:

Second - I would create new FB account with some trash/alias email with no information or random info. Just for this sole purpose.

Third - If you’re on Android, install Shelter which creates a new work profile (default android function) and the FB app will live inside this profile. You can also disable it ouside the school hours to block unwanted telemetry collection.

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They are requiring everyone from my class to join this messenger group so they can instantly message us.

There is no way I could get 36 people who don’t care at all about privacy to change to a different app

Thank you for the suggestions.

I was looking around in F-droid and found and app called Notifications for Facebook. Maybe I can get away with just using messenger in the browser and using this to get notified of any new messages.


So it’s a class, not school? In that case I would go higher and speak with some superiors. Anyway I would push back. At least be loud about it, that you don’t agree from this and this reason. If you’re force to comply, do absolute bare minimum.

Also - it’s a school thing. So you don’t need notification. During the school hours you could be logged in in the browser. After school, close the browser.

I do need notifications, since the only reason for this group to even exist, is for people to be able to message everyone instantly as something happens.

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I don’t know what can be so important during this few hours in school that has to instantly reach 30+ people and cannot wait 45mins to check new messages? … Can you give me an example?
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It’s not really about the time when we’re in school - obviously we can go to the teacher and talk in person.
It’s a really stupid reason, actually.

My class teacher forgets everything, so that’s why he wants to be able to just type out a quick message and notify everyone when he still remembers it.

Also, could you please elaborate on why you think my solution is bad?

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Ok. I see. Yes - stupid reason indeed.

I didn’t say that your solution is bad. I don’t know this app so I cannot say.

Oh, I thought you disliked my solution since you kept telling me that I don’t need notifications.

Anyway, thanks for your help!

Peer pressure is real and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not want to push a preferred messenger in a situation like this. I think you landed on a good solution to keep that stuff contained. If you don’t need to be notified immediately, maybe just check in once a day or something like that? That could also create some distance instead of having it always open on your browser. But I think you’re good.


Would this be a viable alternative?

Yeah, this could work since I use the terminal on android too. Thanks!

Depending on where you’re from, you should even be able to sue your school/teacher for requiring Facebook.
At least here, it is illegal for schools to use anything from Meta, Google or even Microsoft (yes, Windows is illegal).

You can do some research on your country, maybe there is a legal option that requires your teacher to not use Facebook messenger.

Isn’t t teachers having the ability to DM students without oversight a safeguarding issue?

I would push back on this, it sounds like a bad idea for several reasons.

The schools here are literally “Microsoft innovative”. I really doubt that is the case.