Is Skiff good from a privacy and security perspective? Recommended?

I definitely agree with that! That can lead to any company getting into a bad state.


I have some questions for you:

  1. Do you use Skiff Mail? If so, is it your primary email provider?
  2. Where do you get funding for Skiff Mail?
  3. What motivated you to make a privacy respecting workspace in 2020, when offerings like Proton Mail, Tutanota, LibreOffice, and Cryptpad already existed and were popular?
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Hello Mr. Milich,

Some questions for you: Where does Skiff get its funding from? Are my email stored with zero access encryption?

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Hello! Skiff is funded by many of the most reputable startup investors - Skiff bags $10.5M to build private/collaborative workspaces - and from user subscriptions.

Emails, including subject lines (unlike some other E2EE services), are all stored with zero access encryption.


whoaaa. awesome, first time hearing about skiff. looks impressive.