Is Silence safe to use?

What do you guys and girls think about using Silence as an SMS app ? It uses the signal protocol to encrypt the message content (IF the receiver also uses Silence) and all messages are encrypted locally.
Yes, I’m aware it wasn’t updated for 3 years. The dev assured that he’s still working on it though (
If we compare it to other SMS apps, it seems like the best option available right now. After all, it’s not like the SMS protocol is safe and secure.
What do you think ?

I think a better option would be SMS App provided by Simple Mobile Tools. I feel like the UI/UX is really bad so maybe I will consider making a open source SMS app w/ Flutter and use better designs myself.
But right now that’s the option I would choose.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post. To me Silence worked similar to QKSMS last week, with the encryption option.

The issue for me is if your connected with someone enough to use the same app and verify numbers etc, why not use Signal. It would be difficult for myself to set up the encryption side of Silence with someone. So without the encryption why not use QKSMS, it works for me.

As of today Simple SMS messaging is my default SMS app. The block all messages not in contacts feature is being tested.