Is Signal Still Trustable?

As said in the Title Is Signal Still trustable? After the recent things they have been doing? Which only seems to make people lose there trust in the platform like hear me out I love Signal and what it has set as a foundation for privacy, and I’m still using it with a alternative like Session? Which seems so much better but for the ease of use Signal still the best out it’s easier for me to convince people in IRL to switch to it compare to something like Session while on other side like on online? It easier to get people on Session rather then signal because of phone number thing.

So I’m using both of them as of now for there own Pros and seem to like them but what are your opinion about Signal as of now? Do You Still Trust it And Recommend it for use to others? And what are your opinion on a alternative Like Session?

This My First Post in Techlore Forum and I plan to be active Here with the community and also contribute to it in someway, Pardon me for such long post and thanks for reading.

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I think I’m out of the loop here. What happened?

And what exactly are they? If you are referring to the whole Mobilecoin stuff, You can just choose not to use it. It’s as simple as that. If you are referring to the fact that Signal stores your phone no, then you can use a burner no, VOIP no. etc. Can Signal be trusted? Heck yeah. It’s the gold standard for privacy and Security. It doesn’t leak your metadata like Matrix, doesn’t leak your ph no or tracks you unlike Whatsapp, is built on strong cryptographic protocols unlike Telegram, supports PFS unlike Session.

End-to-end encrypted messages need more than libsignal

Don’t know if this is what the OP is refereeing to, but it’s worth reading.

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Op’s question stated “Is Signal still trustable?” I don’t think OP here is talking about libsignal, which is a library designed to be adopted to other apps.

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Yes im not talking about that.