Is trustable?

Is trustable for finding and removing personal data?
If you go to “Privacy Policy” of this site, you will see that they collect personal data and share it with third parties and this is not good

I have used it to clean up some old accounts, but only on old emails I no longer use and have since deleted.

It is better to try and find + delete your old accounts yourself. If you don’t delete emails, try searching for “confirmation” or “sign up” in your inbox to find some old confirmation emails.

There is multiple ways to start some spring cleaning

  • Search your email in to a search engine (Maybe not Google)
  • Search your Username in a search engine
  • go through your emails with keywords like

Login details
Sign up
Forgot password
(If there is anything else, feel free to add)

  • Here are some helpful sites to help.

Sherlock is a username searcher and can help find anything under a username you used.

And here is a website for details on shutting down with processes for company’s and how difficult they can be.

It can be a hard process, but better than being the product to delete accounts.