Is kiwi browser safe

hello I want help to know if the kiwi browser is safe or not for privacy and security beacuse it’s the only open source android chromium browser that support extensions so what other options do you recommend for me then

I know nothing about Kiwi from personal use, but a short search basically says that it is fine The only other browsers I recommend are Vanadium and bromite. Vanadium is Grapheme OS only the.

Thanks for help

What extensions do you need ?

It kinda depends what you mean by “safe”. Is it security you seek? If so then the answer is no. They are several versions behind chromium. If you mean safe as in whether it’s spyware, it’s yesn’t as it kinda intercepts your search queries.(The dev claims it’s for money or something). I would recommend against it and stick to something chromium like Brave.


ok I well be careful next time thanks