Is jottacloud a good alternative to Google photos?

Is a good alternative to Google photos

I know there are e2ee Google Photos alternative, but the problem is that they are at maximum 3 years old and I don’t like that i want something there has existed for longer

But Jottacloud is not E2EE.

Did you check MEGA? It’s a solid service. Not exactly “Google Photos alternative”, but works very well.

There are also selfhosted alternatives.

There’s also Ente :

Is ente well-audited/reputable? I had heard otherwise so I was avoiding it but couldn’t find anything definitive

Cryptee does support videos but only 500mb per file.

Doesn’t seem to be any different than a cloud storage provider right? Or maybe they have automatic backups and all that that I missed

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There was some kind of controversy about them. TL;DR - it looked like a bunch of amateurs were running it. They said that everything is fixed, but it didn’t really fill me with confidence. That’s why I didn’t mention them.

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It is well audited, by cure53 ente successfully completes a security audit . Also from what I understand it is going to be listed on privacyguides too.

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for reference you can see this Add Photo Management Recommendations by jonaharagon · Pull Request #2102 · privacyguides/ · GitHub

My problem with mega is that its owned by chinese investors

Consider using Google Photos with no Google Account,

because it gives you many image processing and image editing features, that many modern Android phones rely on to take good photos.

Yes but ente is not that old and I don’t like it.

Do you trust that it don’t disappear in the next two years?

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I want a backup off my photos

I’m also interested in opinions on Jottacloud, but so far most comments have not discussed the platform much. Yes, it is not E2EE, but it’s at least in Norway (albeit that’s merely a small advantage I’d say).

But, did anyone ever try Jottacloud?