Is it okay to do marketing using big tech social media instead of the fediverse?

Im starting a business pretty soon and just wondering if its okay to to do marketing using big tech social media because my business would be kind-of privacy-focused software business / game studio business.

Are you asking a practical or ideological question?

A lot of business survive by using ads, you better be sure you have a rock solid marketing strategy before you abandon ad tech for ideological reasons.

Is it okey? Sure. If you ignored services like Facebook, Google, and so on, you’re ignoring a huge amount of people. However do you think these ad networks would reach your target audience? I’m asking because you claim to be privacy oriented. I’d wager your audience would either: A) use an Adblock. B) Not even interact with those services. Go where you think your audience is. Is that the Fediverse… I’m not sure.