Is it necessary to add PGP to anonaddy?

Hi, I’m using a custom domain in tutanota and I want to use anonaddy for email aliasing.

I was wondering if it’s necessary to add PGP in anonaddy?

Necessary depends solely on your threat model. I don’t believe tutanota has built in PGP support like Proton though, so it might involve some extra work.

I want my attachments, email contents and email subjects to be encrypted.
I know that they’re encrypted in tutanota but what about anonaddy? Do I need to add PGP?

I use Proton with SimpleLogin, and I have added my public key to SL, there is no reason not to do it. You are adding an extra server to the mail route, adding the public key ensures that the first server E2EE the email.

You can’t encrypt subject with PGP, only the content of the email. SL solves this issue for given you the option to use a generic subject on all emails, and the real subject is added to the email body.

I think yes…(?), Anonaddy supports PGP well.

But when it comes to chatting with your friends, I think it is better that you use your real address as tutanota-to-tutanota comes off with the best encryption.