Is it a false Bromite bowser update message?

I installed Bromite from their official repo using Droid-ify, And i got this message above the settings saying that i have to update and “Bromite - Vulnerable version
Your current version might be vulnerable” which is so stange as the version installed is 108.0.5359.156 which is the latest version on their github, Anyone got an explanation?

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Usually this message is shown when Bromite version is not matched with latest chromium version. As bromite is not getting updates anymore, you will see this message all the time.

Yeah, Bromite seems to not be maintained anymore, more than 6 Months is too much for any user. This browser shouldn’t be used anymore. It was a great project…


I really loved the project, I was using their webview and browser. But it seems like lead dev is not active anymore and he actually made his activity private on github. Similar thing happened with Openboard keyboard, lead dev is not active for long time and he actually deleted his playstore ID! and app is removed from playstore too.

Privacy test has an archive but I did not look at when they dropped bromite.
My three browsers on Android are Brave, Mull, and TOR. We all know use cases for TOR. Brave is my choice for logging in to accounts.
Mull is my Default Browser. I do not like that you have to have a default browser in Android 13. I liked hitting a link and then choosing a browser.
We had a conversation about Bromite just last month. Time flies.
I have followed privacy guides recommended configurations for Brave.
I am running Mull with all default settings just with Dark theme. I have thought about working on hardening Mull but leaving it kinda default helps me remember “not safe”.

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Like others have mentioned Bromite has not been updated since Dec 22, I would remove it as soon as possible. One of the developers seems to have gone silent, while the other one continues to maintain a beta build using more updated Chromium; which you can use at your own discretion.

Also reiterating other suggestions ,I would advise looking into Mull as a browser, and Mulch as a SystemWebView.

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