Is iphone Mail app safe to use?

Would be safe to use the iphone mail app as my primary mail app for my all emails? is it good so far?
I would like to hear your opinions, and if not so what alternatives you recommend?

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I do not know much about the default mail client on iOS. That being said, I’d imagine it’s more secure/privacy-friendly than a lot of 3rd party options. Though, you are potentially trusting another party with your emails. Whether or not Apple can collect/read those emails is, as far as I’m aware, unknown. I would not backup your emails to iCloud, as it’s not E2E encrypted. Even if the Mail client is secure, and privacy respecting, iCloud is not.

It should be noted that by using Apple’s client, you’re not giving more data to your email provider. For example, Google won’t get identifiable info from your device, as you’re not using the Gmail app.
As for the best apps, the two that come to mind would be ProtonMail, and Tutanota. This is because both of their apps use E2EE to their own servers, to retrieve your emails.

Here’s how I’d rank them:

  1. Proton Mail, and Tutanota’s own clients.
  2. Apple Mail
  3. Everything else.

As @Blurb5778 has said, if you have a Proton or Tutanota account you should use their default clients.

Personally, I think (compared to Google & Meta) Apple does a okay job of protecting your privacy, so I would trust them.

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Would say okay job instead of good job

@Why8337 edited his comment so he might agree ^^

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(This is a huge oversimplification of how things can work)
The email app is just acting as a container and pulling the emails down from whatever provider you’re with and saving them on your phone. So when you say “Safe” what exactly do you mean? Safe from who? Because really anything saved to your phone is only as safe as you make your device (Have a password to unlock the device)

If you’re talking about the safety of your emails themselves, it really comes down to your provider not which app you use. As if you use something like Gmail your emails are already being scanned on the regular regardless of what app you use on your phone. In which case you’re better to move to something like proton mail or tutanota.

To quantify something as “safe” or not you have to ask yourself some more questions first and figure out your threat model.


Hi @Omar

Apple is as bad as Google or Microsoft when it comes to privacy, they just hide it better and do way better safe-washing. In the end you are never admin on an apple device, using proprietary apps or software is always a risk as you have to trust the company behind and you don’t know what they added into it or where the data flows. You simply have no control. I would not recommend to use using iPhone Mail to you as your primary app, but I would also not recommend you to use an iPhone (as I said you are not admin). Also keep in mind not to backup your mails in some sort of apple cloud. It makes less difference on what you use on a closed system, but if you would like to start at some point I would recommend you

  1. remove personal emails from an iPhone
  2. if that is not possible, use a web browser for checking your emails
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Personally, compared to Google, Microsoft, Meta, etc… Apple does a way better job with user privacy.

Google highlights the security of your data, whereas Apple highlights less data collection and control over your data.

They are definitely not a privacy company and if you need more extreme privacy, they are not your best bet.

If your threat model is not extreme I would trust Apple, but de-activate as many iCloud features as possible to get the best privacy you can get. Also, use more privacy-focused services like Proton Mail etc…

In my view, Apple does a lot more to protect user privacy than Google and Meta but, at the end of the day they are still big tech.

You know that Apple is working on a huge Ad network? Where do you think they may get the data from?
Also keep in mind they scan your device without you even knowing. I wouldn’t recommend using an Apple device, it’s safewashing at it’s best. Additional Siri can be listening, without you even knowing. That wouldn’t happen for the first time either.

Yes, I know that. But even at that, they are still better than Google and Meta. Apple’s main income is hardware, whereas Google and Meta’s is, user data.

I know but that doesn’t matter. It’s money for them. A lot of money. It has a reason Apple is part of GAFAM. But I see, you like Apple and their advertisement worked for you, and you have made your choice.

Personally I trust them, but not too much (you should never trust anything or anyone 100%).

As I said,

All companies like this want is, more money.

I trust Apple with my data but, not all of it. For example, I am moving slowly over to Proton Mail and Tutanota for my email. I also give just enough data to use their services.

Even though I trust Apple to some extent with my data, they are still big tech and by giving them my attention I am supporting big tech, which is not good. This is why I am slowly moving my life over to more privacy-focused alternatives, to get away from big tech companies and to regain my privacy.

I like that!
sounds convincing for me