Is ClamAV good?

I have recently noticed that my computer (MacOS) has recently been restarting randomly, I have had a general look around and have found nothing that could be causing it. I would like to do a quick virus scan to see if there is anything malicious causing the random restarts.

As I am not on Windows, I don’t have any built in virus scanners.

Due to this I would like to know whether ClamAV is a good option, it is open-source, looks well maintained and is free of charge. If there is any other (preferably FOSS) alternatives I would love to hear about them.

Realize: No antivirus is 100% good. There is new malware being created every single day, and zero day attacks are very common. Just because 3 different antivirus programs say you don’t have malware, doesn’t mean you don’t have malware. It just means that there is a really low chance that your machine has malware on it. Malware is very good at hiding itself and making itself look like system files to virus scanners.

ClamAV is pretty good. If you really suspect you have malware on your computer, I’d run Malwarebytes and something like Avast with ClamAV to scan for malware. And since those other two are not Foss, you can delete them once you’ve run the scan.

If you still suspect you have malware on your machine, the ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF MALWARE COMPLETELY IS TO DO A FACTORY RESET, OR REVERT TO A BACKUP IMAGE taken before malware arrived on your computer.

ClamAV is an acceptable FOSS solution, but it’s not what I’d call “good”. Anti-malware software has gotten a lot better over the years, where smaller (unbloated and local) projects like ClamAV just cannot compete. I mean come on… ClamAV is not even an “active” option, requiring the user to do scams, manually. By the time you run a scan, the damage could’ve already been done.

If security really matters, and you do not mind giving up some amount of privacy, I’d advise going to a more reputable (and proven) solution. In the past, I’ve used ESET and Bitdefender… but again, you will be sacrificing privacy with these services due to their cloud protection. If I had to pick an option right now, I’d go ESET.

It’s designed to run on servers, like email gateways and network storage servers.

You can run it on a desktop system, but I don’t know if it does the best memory inspection.

Thank you for your answer.

This is all I need, I suspect that there is nothing that has infected my computer, I just want to be sure.

I am very cautious with what I download so I expect the results to be clear but as I have said I just want to be sure.