Is blocking google play services with netguard effective?

Hey hope you are all doing well. I use netguard to block google play services (and 433 other random apps/services i don’t need) from having internet access, is this just as effective as not having Google play services?

It does break apps that need play services and some games complain that play services is not available so it does appear to work. Also most notifications don’t come through.

Just curious if this is actually stopping some/most of googles data collection.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my post :slight_smile:

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I can’t speak to the effectiveness vs not having Google play services. But, I am a user of NetGuard and as you noted it does “break” apps confirming that it is blocking. You can also test if your ad blocking is configured correctly by visiting Ad blocking test (ad blocking is not possible with the Play store version because Google does not allow ad blocking apps in the Play store). Depending on your configuration, the log is also revealing in what apps continually try to access the internet (and are blocked) even when they are not in use.

TrackerControl is another app that might be of interest to our community, the underlying network analysis functionality is provided by NetGuard.

I’ve used NetGuard, TrackerControl, and the DuckDuckGo beta of App Tracking Protection. NetGuard takes first place for me, TrackerControl is also good but, I found it required a more configuration/maintenance, DuckDuckGo seemed the most conservative and didn’t block much (but, I wasn’t surprised since most of my apps are FOSS).

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Yes. This stops some (not all) collection of data, simply because some apps are no longer able to phone home. This is worse than actually removing those applications (might only be possible with rooting/custom ROM), but is better than without address/app blocking.

i think if we can’t de-google our device for lack of custom roms , then blocking them through fire wall apps is the only option left . Although i think the gsf id would still be visible to other apps and you could be uniquely identified even if you reinstalled an app. Though i am not sure how well the apps integrate with the gsf id.
One more thing i would suggest is to sign out of your google account from the device , and to start fresh.
Though there is not guarantee that you will not be tracked by simply blocking them.
Actually on investigation i have even found that some google system services can even bypass the vpn service as exceptions even if you turn on “block connections without vpn” as they are closely built into the android code. You can see those extra connections in root mode.

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Yeah I am not signed into a google account.

Also other things I’ve done are switching to openboard instead of the Samsung keyboard.

Uninstalled/Disabled as much stuff as I can and using FOSS apps where possible.

Im also testing OsmAnd instead of Google maps. Although if I do have to use google maps I will probably prefer to hotspot my iphone and use it on there instead of giving google maps on android access to internet.


Update: i have switched to iodé :slight_smile: