Is BeReal bad for privacy?

I would like to know if BeReal is filled with trackers, or it has an awful privacy policy that retains my data for a lifetime.
I installed it because some friends use it, but deleted account and data, so that I can further look into it and decide, if its worth installing.
I don’t want to give out a lot of data on companies, bit still don’t want to miss out on some apps that everyone uses.

The Exodus report for BeReal states that it 2 trackers (both Google) which isn’t that egregious, but the big concern for me is that it requests 18 permissions! I don’t know the nature of the app, but that seems excessive. I read their Privacy Policy and they collect a ton of data. If you don’t want to give out a lot of data to companies then I’d stay away. Here’s a table from their website that summarizes what they collect: