Is AdGuard or uBlock Origin better?

I know that uBlock is Open-Source, but so is AdGuard, and AdGuard seems better. Which onr?

I use uBlock Origin because it works well for me and I like all the other stuff you can do with it like manual JavaScript blocking like the NoScript addon and much more. So for me it’s not just the ad blocking I want use, it’s more the “allrounder” thing that I like very much.


Adguard has nothing similar to Ublock Origin’s medium mode which makes uBlock superior to me. With medium mode, you use dynamic filtering which gives you the ultimate control to decide what gets blocked and what doesn’t. With Adguard, I have to just trust that it blocks enough stuff while with uBlock, I know it blocks everything I want.


AdGuard is very good at blocking ads.

UBlockOrigin is very good at blocking scripts. This includes scripts that can be used to track you, as well as scripts that run ads.

I used to run both.
About a month ago I decided to minimize my extensions and dropped Ad Guard, staying with uBlock only.
I have definitely noticed more ads getting through. Not a lot. Practically nothing. But more than before.

I use ublock as an extension and adguard as a dns. So if any app is tracking its blocked by adguard. While ublock takes care of website trackers.

That’s a good idea. I think I’ll try that. My dns is quad9

just chiming in here, but since you liked bazzell’s magazine.
in his book extreme privacy he does not recommend adguard. (i can send you the excerpt in dm.)

i used quad9 as well since willingly moving to switzerland to protect user data is very noble in my eyes.

Michael Bazzell recommends NextDNS over Adguard’s DNS in his book.

Yeah I’d like to read that. Thanks.

I have stayed away from Adguard due to its Russian origins. I am not accusing the Adguard team of anything, but given that the company started in Russia and much of the team (and/or their loved ones) live in Russia they are vulnerable to being put under immense pressure by the regime there to compromise their products.

Same goes for Telegram…on top of the many other reasons to avoid Telegram.

I usually use Safari which sadly lacks uBlock Origin. But when I am using Firefox, I have uBlock Origin installed. I also use NextDNS on all my devices.

Is there a recommendation for NextDNS over quad9 as well?
I hope not because I’ve been trying to get NextDNS to work for the past hour and am getting non-stop error messages. I’d love to hear that quad9 is just fine. (because it works :smile:!!)

I think either is fine but it depends on what you want. Quad9 is free and can offer encrypted DNS and malware blocking but that is about it.

NextDNS offers a lot more options but at a small fee. If you are having trouble with it not working, try to make sure you have everything else that might also try to manage a network connection disabled first. Like another on-device DNS filtering service. Also if possible use the app for your device instead of the manual setup/profile method. I had some trouble with NextDNS iOS profiles but easily got it to work via the app which essentially automates that process.

Supposedly the config file and app should work the same way but I personally just find the app easier. Also easier to toggle on/off for trouble shooting. Your mileage may very depending on what you are setting up on the NextDNS side and what OS/devices you use.

It is! you can listen to the Nate interviewing someone from Quad9 on surveillance report as well.
Quad 9 is great and they have integrity.

I just noticed that surveillance report last night. I’ll definitely be checking it out in the next few days.

I’m not defending a regime or anything like that.
But I don’t see how them being in Russia makes any difference from being in the USA (for example, you name the country).

The overall situation regarding privacy & security is pretty bad everyware. If you really wanted to get away from goverments you would need offshore servers…

Eh, I guess if you do not see a difference between the Russian government and the US government we should just agree to disagree on that point and move on.

uBlock, no question. :rofl:

I was only comparing internet privacy, not anything else. And in that matter I do belive that online privacy and/or anonimity it’s pretty screwed up almost everyware.

Also, remember that there’s no such thing as “the good guys” in international politics. Sad but true.

I know that uBlock is Open-Source, but so is AdGuard, and AdGuard seems better. Which one?

uBlock Origin is without a doubt the better option for advanced users. Either option is adequate for non-advanced users, but I’d still recommend uBlock Origin if it is available (for iOS/Safari it is not an option).

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