IPFS vs Typical Cloud Storage

Ever since learning about Skiff and their, optional, use of IPFS for cloud storage, I’ve been trying to look into how it operates and if there is a meaningful improvement or difference using IPFS.

It seems like a pretty cool idea to have a decentralized model for storing data in the cloud, however I’ve heard mixed things on actually using it on a daily basis.

Does anybody have some experience or understanding of the subject they could provide?

IPFS is similar to torrents as in there is a swarm of uploaders (seeders), its a protocol more than a cloud storage solution.

the best improvement is the content identifier (CID) that gave us file indexing - pretty cool.


Can you explain the CID thing for me and why it was particularly an improvement?

From what I read the identifiers are converted into a Hash. To simplify it in my terms, imagine you have a duplicate file finder, each variable that allows the duplicate file finder to uniquely identify a file creates a Hash which would allow you to find the file any where else.

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That sounds pretty cool in all honesty