IP address leaked, what to do?

My IP address was said back to me in a game and it was in the menu of the game so I wasn’t connected to a server, how did they get my IP and what do I need to do now?

Welcome to the community but sorry for the occasion. :frowning:

It’s likely that with your IP address this person will only have a general idea of where you live, like at the city level. Unless they know your real name, it’s unlikely they will have enough information to find your address.

Because your IP address it tied to your router, it’s unlikely you will be able to change it, though I wouldn’t be surprised if another member of the community can share how to do so. That’s assuming if you can or are allowed to make this change.

Going forward, you may want to use a VPN, if it’s a relatively local server for the sake of performance, so that you hide your IP from getting out like this in the future.

From a harassment perspective, I’m not sure what your situation is, but you may want to lie low for a few days. I’m not sure if this is in the context of a bigger community or just a random League match.


Getting IP grabbed is horrible and it happens very frequently online these days. From my experience, IPs can be changed if you have a dynamic IP with your provider, but you’d have to check that out yourself. They could’ve gotten your IP address through an exploit in the game, as some games don’t have proper security. For example, GTA 5 online leaks your IP to people in your lobby from what I hear. I would suggest using a vpn, like ghost said, to mask your true IP when you connect to these online games.

If it’s unlikely you will be interacting with this person again, it may be that this person just likes to troll random people by revealing IP addresses. It may not be something to worry about too much.

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Either way, its no reason to worry. They can’t really do anything with your IP. By your name, I assume you live in Turkey and you will definitely get a new public IP if you reboot your router here. Apologies if the assumption is incorrect lol. You don’t need to get a new IP, as nothing will or can happen, but its your choice.