InviZible Pro comments?

I have been hearing and reading mixed reviews. Just wondering the community’s take on it

What do you want to know exactly?

I’ve been using Invizible Pro for months now, it’s absolutely amazing and does the same as Orbot but only better. The devs regulalrly update the app and the options this app gives you are endless. It also comes with DNScrypt and IP2 but I only use the TOR routing. In combination with the GrapheneOS VPN options its a great app for routing your whole phone through a TOR network without IP leaking as the app also has a VPN mode.

Just wanting feedback. Thanks. Yours is the first

i use the free version for months now and it works realy good.

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Its one of those apps that I cannot do without, I use it to rout several other apps with Tor (through proxy mode) this app does it all. I dont get it why orbot is popular and this one isnt, this app is way better than orbot and the developers are easy to reach and ask questions and even provide them with better solutions. They are keen to listen to complains (if there are).

I gave up on it. It just didn’t seem to work for me. I’m not knocking it. I didnt delve deeper into it

Thanks for the responses

What is the problem facing you?