Invasive OS? Here's Why Privacy Tools are Still Relevant

I don’t normally cross-post TL clips, but this is such an overwhelming take I see within privacy communities that I wanted to boost it. While we undoubtedly believe using privacy tools on inherently more privacy-respecting operating systems is a massive improvement, we also have reservations that it’s useless to utilize privacy tools on inherently ‘invasive’ operating systems.

There are still benefits to be found by privacy tools on invasive operating systems—and sometimes those benefits are for the greater good.


I would venture a guess that if one had a choice between only (A) a privacy respecting operating system, or (B) A properly configured privacy preserving browser. That choosing the private browser on the non-private OS would be the more private option.

As a general observation, I find that the tendency for people in the privacy, open source, and Linux communities to fall into counterproductive rigid black & white (all or nothing) thinking holds us back (for people on a personal level, and for us as a community). This is one thing I respect about your channel, I can see you very intentionally try to avoid that.


Thanks mr Henry but Linux is still better than windows for privacy

Right, we never try to claim otherwise :stuck_out_tongue:


No neattube link :rage: ? :wink:


Sounds like something Luke Smith would say emphatically.

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I feel like Luke Smith is the last person we should look to for privacy advice. He is the definition of all or nothing lol. If you need or want that level of privacy sure but most people don’t need that. Usually these methods can have diminishing returns.

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The links are automagically generated this is a special post by Henry. “I don’t normally cross-post TL clips”

Also we don’t post TL clips to PeerTube as it’s replicated content and we pay for the hosting. So we don’t want to pay more money to post the same videos twice :slight_smile: But you can find TL Clips on Odysee