Introducing The Brand New Techlore Sponsorship Program! 🎉

Our new sponsorship program is very exciting as it’s more diverse, versatile, and simpler for everyone involved. Previously, we only offered 1 minute sponsored video segments. We’re dropping these and offering sponsorship offerings for:

These new sponsor options vary in medium, audience, commitment, price-point, and creativity! You can view a lot more information as well as apply for each specific type of sponsor here. As always, all sponsors must respect our strict sponsorship protocols.

There’s a lot more information included in the blog post for those interested in the history and other details regarding our new sponsorship program :v:

  • If you’re a viewer, rest-assured our content and resources will remain independent. Our protocols are thorough and no sponsor is ever worth our reputation.
  • If you’re developing services, rest-assured we are still no more likely to recommend you over anyone else because of a sponsorship. Our resources have their own dedicated criteria ensuring we remain independent.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, visit our sponsorship guide to partner up so we can showcase you!

If any of you have any questions just leave them below :slight_smile: There’s now a video to explain the program:


How dare you henry?

Video just went live!

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