Internxt - Cloud storage quick review

Hello, everyone, today we will take a look at the Internxt cloud storage service, a service that aims to be “the most secure cloud for all your files and photos”. This review will be split in 4 parts : The company (foundation date, when, etc.), the service itself (features, plans, etc., the apps (UI, features, avaliability, etc.) and the privacy and security practicies of their service

The company

The company was founded in 2020 and claims having more than 1 Million users and more than 30 awards and mentions. It is based in Spain (Valencia), so it is in a 14 Eyes country. They seem to have 12 Employees acording to this photo on their “About Us” page.

In 2022, all their apps have been audited by Securitum, a very reputable and well-known security auditing company.

They are also on the cryptocurrency space with their open-source token called INXT so it’s a con for some people like me, I don’t want my cloud storage to be in the crypto space with a token. Period.

On TrustPilot, the company seems to “steal” investor’s money with this token according to some people…

There’s also this reddit thread :

We DON’T know if this is true or not so these accusations should be taken with a grain of salt.

The service itself

Let’s now talk about the service itself, what features Internxt offers or what plans it offers, etc.

Let’s review the plans : Internxt offers 3 of them, 20GB or 200GB and 2TB, respectively for 0.89 Euros per month, 3.49 Euros per month and 8.99 Euros per month, so it is pretty cheap, not as cheap as MEGA or Filen for example but that’s good for individuals. They also offer Lifetime plans for the same data plans but you pay respectively 299.00 Euros, 499.00 Euros and 999.00 Euros

They have a free plan limited to UP TO 10GB so you have to complete some steps like downloading their app to get some GBs. 50% of the 10GB should be completed with a referral program so you have to invite 5 friends to get those 5GB. If your friends doesn’t want to use Internxt, you will be limited to 5GB, a workaround is to create 5 Guerilla Mail adresses and then invite thoses. This is misleading as they advertise their service to get you 10GB for free on their website.


Now, let’s review the features Internxt has :

First, it has a link sharing feature (like all cloud providers) that helps you share a file in your cloud into a link you will share with your friend, a collaborator, etc.

It also has a Photos category (to manage your photos) and they also have a backup option to backup your important files to the cloud, you need to use their desktop app to use it.

And they can also sync your gallery on Android (and iOS?).

As for the security features, you can enable 2FA with an app but they don’t support Security Keys like Yubikey, they recommend Authy for 2FA but they say you can use any other 2FA app of your choice like Aegis (Android) and Raivo OTP (on iOS). The second security feature is a backup key you can use in case you forget your password.

Also, the Languages aren’t the same on every app. They only have 3 Languages. I have tested their Android, Windows, and their web app and it doesn’t offer a lot of languages like Filen or others do. Their Windows app only has English, their Android app has English and Spanish and their web app has English, Spanish and French. It reminds me of Proton not having the Custom DNS feature on some of their clients and not others.

They don’t offer any file versioning feature.

But they have 4 other features : a Byte Converter, a Temporary Email service, a Password Checker and an File Virus Scanner avaliable on their website.

The 4 features I talked about can easily be replicated by using your calculator (it may have this byte converter feature), SimpleLogin/AnonAddy/Guerilla Mail, your password manager/HIBP and VirusTotal.

I would give, for the feature set and what the company offers, a 3.5/5. Not the most feature-packed provider but it’s OK for individual use.

The apps

Let’s talk about the apps, they have open-source apps for Windows, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS so on this point, that’s very good but the experience with these, in my opinion, was meh

The stability is very good, no crashes, buttons that doesn’t work, no bugs, etc.

But the Android app is too limited, no built-in dark mode option in 2023! No PIN code protection, etc. You can just manage your account and backup your gallery in the settings and share links. That’s it…

The Windows app also sucks, you can manage your account and an option to start the app at OS startup. I don’t even think you can share links and THERE’S NO DARK MODE IN 2023!!!

For the web, it’s the same thing, no dark mode but you can manage your account, share links, manage your files and photos (like their other apps) and you have one more language (French)

However, these apps have beautiful UIs, it’s so cool to use a well designed apps.

I would give, for the apps, 3.5/5. Not a lot of features like dark mode but well designed apps and they are open-source.

The privacy and security

The privacy and security practicies of a cloud provider is important as you will or may store very important information on their cloud servers.

Internxt stands that they offers zero-knowledge encryption with the AES-256 encryption algorithm and GDPR-compliant synchronization. However, it doesn’t seem Internxt has a privacy policy but it has one on their terms and conditions.

The major problem with Internxt is that the web app is bundled with “trackers” according to uBlock Origin. I have stayed 20 minutes on the web app and I get :

Capture d’écran 2023-04-06 210505


Their help website contains Google trackers :


Their “privacy policy” stands that

The information of your navigation can be stored by Google Analytics, so we refer to the Privacy Policy of Google, as it collects and treats such information.

By browsing our website we collect information about your browser, your device and data from your use of our website as well as any information you provide to us when using our website. In an anonymized or aggregated form, we may record the IP address (Internet access identification number of the device, which allows devices, systems and servers to recognize and communicate with each other).

The purpose of the processing is (i) to obtain practical knowledge about how users use our website to enable us to improve it; (ii) to perform statistical analysis to help us improve our business strategy; (iii) to perform web performance analysis and (iv) for technical security and system diagnostics.

The Android app doesn’t seem to have trackers according to Exodus so that’s a good point. In older versions of the app, they have bundled 2 trackers : Google Firebase Analytics and Segment.

Like I said in the feature section, Internxt supports 2FA with TOTP apps but they don’t support Security Keys

Internxt hasn’t released a security whitepaper yet. A security whitepaper is a document that provides security measures of the service like what encryption algorithm they use or how they handle the registration process, etc. Filen has one, Google Cloud also has one. Because of that issue, we don’t know if Internxt encrypts file names and account metadata for example.

I would give, for the privacy and security practicies of the service, a 3.0/5. Very good security but trackers are present in the web app and some data collection by Google Analytics + no security whitepaper + no support for security keys


Internxt isn’t a bad service but there are many things it should change like implementing more features on their apps like PIN code protection or file versioning. Internxt should also, in my opinion, stop using Google Analytics on their website and releasing a whitepaper so they can be known as a transparent cloud provider

Their crypto controversy may just let you go to another provider like me

The feature set is kind of limited while still usable for individual use.

The final score for Internxt is 3.3/5. I would want more features in their apps like PIN protection, more languages, a built-in dark mode option and more transparency with a whitepaper.

Update !!!

:warning: I have taken a look at their apps audit from Securitum and it seemed that there has been severe vulnerabilities regarding their encryption but they have been fixed! :warning:


Thank you for this detailed review.
I am very interested in cloud services that offer lifetime subscription plans. I currently use external drives, but that provides no redundancy for data. Im currently working on building a nextcloud device but havent gotten there yet.


Filen offers lifetime subscriptions. This is the cloud provider I am currently using and they are way more better than Internxt.

The cloud service I have reviewed (Internxt) also has lifetime plans but due to the many issues I have outlined in the review, I cannot recommend it.

Here’s Filen’s lifetime plans :

Here’s Internxt’s lifetime plans :

As you can see. Internxt offers more storage than Filen and even offers until 16 hours a 50% discount at the time I am writing this.

But I think Filen plans are enough for you in my opinion.

As for data redudency, I don’t know if Filen implements that so I will send an e-mail to the support team and see if yes or not they implement that. I will share the result ASAP.


Filen has responded to my e-mail :


thank you for contacting us.

The files are securely transferred to our service, where they are then split and distributed to different servers and data centers. We use erasure coding to achieve eleven nines (99.9999999%) data durability. Storage and database servers have failsafe and guarantee a very high availability in case one or more servers are unavailable (for whatever reason).

For more information, please visit our website (Filen – Encryption) or read our whitepaper (, which contains more detailed information regarding encryption and availability.

Kind regards,"


:warning: Please read the update ! :warning:

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