Infomaniak mail service

I got to know about this service called Infomaniak that’s based in Switzerland and provides various services like Email, Drive, Contacts, Chat, Webhosting and what not. The service looks decent enough to me. I think the kinda go a little bit too much into the “based in Switzerland and so all data is secure” but overall decent service. I don’t understand how they are providing ike 15gigs of storage and etc for free (this free service is available for residents only in Switzerland and some other countries). They ask for a phone number to check if you are a resident of these countries. Has anyone previously heard of them as to if they are worth looking into?

This part of the Privacy Policy somewhat irks me.

Improving our services, our site or our advertising We use third-party software to determine how much you want a new product page.

Also looks like you have to purchase a domain from them to use their kSuite service which is what includes the email and cloud storage and stuff, which only seems to be possible via a credit card or similar payment method that isn’t anonymous.