Implications of Sandboxed Google Play on GrapheneOS

When using a GrapheneOS device, since it supports sandboxed Google Play, how does this work?

Is using F Droid + Aurora Store now not recommended or is this still the way to go? Does the sandboxed Google Play either not require a Google account or create a Google account just for Google Play?

Here is a YouTube video from “Side of Burritos” on this topic. Hope it helps.

Sandboxed google play services isn’t meant so much for using the google play store, but rather google play services. Some apps don’t work without them so it’s a “necessary evil” still. If you can use apps without using sandboxed google play that is still the better way to go. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah, I see. Glad to see Aurora store is really accessible while compromising on pretty much nothing!

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