I'm so tired of these rats. 2/3 are brainamputee

For me privacy is a nr1 priority.
Using google as your searchengine will allow google to keep a trackrecord of all your searches.
Using gmail as your email service will allow google to access all of your emails.
Using google android will allow google to track your location 24/7.
Using a youtube account will allow google to keep a trackrecord of all videos watched.
No disabling the history setting in your google account DOES NOT disable anything, it’s just hidden for you but not for google.
Shall i continue?
It is clear that this information is collected because of two purposes, adversting and surveillance.
Google makes money with YOUR personal data.
Google shares YOUR personal data with morally corrupt companys and governments.
Google manipulates search results and brainwashes you whenever you use any of their services.
Google has major influence over what information you get and what you think.
Most people laught at you if you mention that google was originally a CIA project, yet this very basic information is even available on the biased website wikipedia…

It’s not only google but all bigtech players, facebook, amazon, apple, microsoft, etc.
I see privacy is a nr1 priority because it is clear that by giving all our personal data to these evil companys (yes that’s what they are evil at the very core - profit greedy), people give these companys power, that power is then used against the very people who gave it to them.
These bigtech companys actively lobby against human rights, they are pushing surveillance globaly, yet people keep using these ridiculous services as if it was the most normal thing on earth.
Can’t you see that governments and politics are influenced and manipulated because of this surveillance technology?
Society is controlled easily with all the information they collect about every single person. For f*** sake, these big tech companys KNOW what we think, they know what we like and don’t like, they know what we love and fear, as long as they know everything about us but we know absolutely nothing about them, they are in control and we are the puppets, they have the power to manipulate everyone everywhere and that’s exactly what they do.
People must stop thinking about privacy just in terms as for an individual, it’s not about you and me, it’s about everyone, it’s about all of society.

I keep hearing people say “i have nothing to hide i have nothing to fear” or “i don’t care if they know what porn i watch or what toy i buy for my cat” i can’t believe that these rats are so insanly dumb, hell it’s not about your porn habbits or pet toys, it’s not about individual meaningless topics OPEN YOUR EYES and see the full picture.
Combine all and every meaningless information that you give away and what do you get?
WHAT do you get?
You get a FULL PROFILE of detailed information about your unique personality and identity.
Do not ask if the information they collected about you is important or not, that is the wrong question.
The first question to ask is, WHY do they need to know this information?
And, is it really necessary that they know this information?

If a stranger would be interested into what porn habbits or pet toys you are interested in, you would most likely think that’s none of their business because why would it be?
If a stranger would be tracking your location 24/7 and know where you are at all times, you would be creeped out.
Yet you mindless rats willingly give away all and every information about yourselfes to morally corrupt evil bigtech companys like google and facebook.

I’m so done with this mentally f***** society and it’s people.
To be honest i feel like half the worlds population could just drop dead and i wouldn’t even care.
People are so insanly arrogant, ignorant, mindless, selfish, greedy, but most of all extremly stupid.
Tiktok the most downloaded and most used app on earth, do i have to say anything more?
It’s sickening.
People are so disguting, it’s to much.
I’d rather call them rats instead of people as they behave more like animals instead of actual human beings.
Speaking about animals, they are grown without seeing any daylight, they are genetically abused, they get slaughtered at an average age of 6 months.
The meat of these animals is then sold and eaten in restaurants, the people who eat these 6 months old slaughtered animals make photos of the meat and photos of themselfes, yes making selfies infront of 6 month old dead animals in form of meat, food that you didn’t even cook by yourself but someone else did it for you.
You did NOTHING, yet you feel so important to make a selfie with dead meat.
What the f*** even is this ridiculous behaviour?
People are recording themselfes eating food infront of the camera just to upload it on youtube and this so called “content” gets MILLIONS of views but channels that are actually not degenerated like 90% are barely get any views.
Compare 6 month old slaughtered aniamls to humans, that would be as if we slaughtered human babys for f*** sake.
Why am i talking about animal slaughter now on a privacy forum? Well because obviously there is a reason why people and society is so f***** an this is a part of it.
Influencers force their 5 year old kids infornt of the camera just to show them fake emotions to get klicks and likes, our species has entirely lost it’s mind, we are finished. We are doomed.

I don’t blame google and facebook for being evil profit greedy companys.
There’s nothing wrong with being profit oriented.
There will always be people who want to become richer, that’s not the problem.
The problem are they mentally dead rats who use google search, who give google all of their searches, all of their interestes, all of their contacts, all their location, everything, their identity, their souls.

As techlore said in a recent video, we who understand the importance of privacy have the duty to spread the word. But i’m done. The ignorance and sillyness is far superior to common sense.
I’ve tried to speak to MANY, yet most couldn’t care less.
Only 1/3 or even less i spoke to where actually interested in what i had to say.
2/3 laugh while saying they have nothing to hide.
Some even called me a criminal because i have something to hide, just because i care about privacy, it’s ridiculous.

I see it in my own faimly.
Recently a realtive of mine had their 14 year birthday and got a mobilephone from their parents.
I spoke to both the kid and the parents, i told them how bad the surveillance of an google android phone truely is.
I told them that they constatnly track the location, have access to camera and microphone, facial recognition and motion detection, access to all data on the device, emails, chats, photos, videos, internet search history and visited websites, everything.
Then i asked the parents if they want the best for their kid and they said yes.
I told them about lineageos and grapheneos, told them about free alternatives to google chrome and google search, even suggested protonmail.
They listened.
But was it worth it? No. This conversation was 3 months ago, yet their 14 year old minor kid still has the stock android rom on their phone, being constantly tracked by not just one but MANY bigtech companys. Ironically the parents who claimed to care about their child don’t seem to give a damn sh!t about their minor kid being stalked by morally corrupt companys.

Really feels like all is lost. I would be the first to spread privacy but it’s pointless.
Having a youtube channel and letting people who care about privacy search for your content is one thing, but actively stepping towards people to have a conversation is a whole new level where you will mostly encounter nothing but ignorance and pure stupidity.
Rats. Rats everywhere. The degenrated have taken over the world.

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