I'm leaving this website forever

Good bye everyone and also… Go to this page: https://digdeeper.neocities.org

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Well, good luck with that site which is full of nonsense.

@Spink Thank you for sharing.

It’s not nonsense.

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So you made an account just to thank Spink, and confirm the site isn’t bullshit.

And you don’t happen to be a sock puppet account?

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Well, while the mentioned site isn’t the best one out there, I guess. Forgetting about the topic is really the best you can do.

  • Sarcasm. The joke is that no one actually cares that @Spink is leaving, so his grand departure announcement is humorous.
  • I don’t know what a sock puppet account is, I’ve had my account since the beginning of the forum.
  • @sec76 is correct.
  • Dig Deeper’s website has been around far longer than Techlore and provides a lot of useful insight about technology.

My bad, I just saw the post right before this one, and it said it was your first post. I thought you were thanking the OP for posting the link, which seemed kinda odd.

I remember when vaxx passports used to be a wild conspiracy theory :sweat_smile: thankfully eastern countries didn’t go too deep into the entire sh!tshow… but anyway… it’s been a long time now that things are “visible with a naked eye”, thus anyone who’s able to connect the dots, already did so…It’s incredibly worthy studying history, as well as human psychology.

P.S: That site – while it has some good info – also over-exaggerates here and there, imho.

P.S 2: I’ve spent about 2 hours in the mentioned website, and the person behind it is clearly an extremist to me. There’s a lot of truth burried in his articles, but damn, it must be super hard to live with such an attitude…

Here’s a part of one of his articles:

" Every so-called content creator should host their shit on alternative platforms. Of course, the major ones (Bitchute, Odysee, Brighteon) are cuckflared or suffer from other major flaws. Hey, why not make your own site and put direct links to your vids there? How radical, I know."

A typical “use linux bro”, like we all are supposed to be super tech-savvy…

He also claims that software doesn’t need to be updated, literally comparing it with his clock and drawer.

Let me quote that too:

“The idea that a software needs constant updates to stay useful really needs to die. It is what has got us into this whole privacy and bloat mess in the first place. My clock or drawer have not needed updates for decades, why would a program? BTW, ηMatrix is still being updated, so if you really care about this “issue”, use Pale Moon.”

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Well, kind of… but another 200+ conspiracy theories stayed theories :person_shrugging:

and the person behind it is clearly an extremist to me.

Agree. Little bit too much in the rabbit hole for my taste. I saw people like this after small push from life going completely bananas :confused:

Yeah, I’ve met similar folks on Reddit. It feels as if they are incredibly knowledgeable in the subject, and you kind of want to see what they are up to, but as you read more and more of their words, it gets into the territories of “we’re fucked and we can’t do anything about it”. Which may be ultimately true, but it’s a very bad mindset. We need to focus on solutions. And such radical solutions aren’t the way to go. It will only scare the average folks and they won’t anything at all. It’s much more effective if we can get as much people as possible to minimize the tracking. Then we can talk about the next step…



such as?

obviously you picked 200 as an arbitrary number, but even if you could list 200, how does that compare to mainstream media which gets it wrong virtually all of the time for everything of any importance for decades and which can probably rack up 200 manufactured “news” pieces in as many hours?

granted, there is no shortage whatsoever of bullshit on the interwebs, but there is also much truth backed by solid evidence, as there is in books if you know which ones to read - the trick is learning to avoid the bullshit and i don’t know that’s an easy trick to learn without spending a lot of time reading and vetting the people/organizations that write the content

ultimately, if you want to know something, you need to roll up your sleeves, cast your ego aside, and do the research yourself, otherwise you cannot possess an accurate opinion on very much at all

we have all been lied to about virtually everything of any significance - some know this and will gladly provide solid evidence to back their statements - others make empty blanket statements to the contrary without ever providing a shred of evidence

beyond knowing that one and one is two, there is literally little else we know for a fact

Life is too short to debate fanatics. Good luck.

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Seems legit :laughing:

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