I'm concerned about misinformation and trust

Hi everyone… I hope to explain myself the best I can in this post, because I feel like I don’t have the best words for everyone to understand. In case anyone doesn’t understand, please let me know.

Since June 2022, I started in the world of online privacy, looking for what everyone here is looking for: privacy and security. Too obvious. But after a while I felt bad about being in this community, because I felt so limited. It was very hard for me, because I no longer had ways to “connect” with people, because I didn’t have any social network (later I’ll say why I say this in the past tense) and I felt bad emotionally. I felt too isolated from people and that mentally broke me down. In the end, to fix this, I went back to using Meta spyware, started using Google, Windows and other things that most of us want to avoid using. I temporarily detached myself from what I call “cyberprivacy.” But after a few months, I wanted to go back to cyberprivacy and here I am.
But I’ve been worrying too much about who I can trust. Because of course, it worries me to know that I am trusting mentors or youtubers who rather want to financially benefit their subscribers in a dirty way or use some other dirty tactic for their own benefit, and there are people who hate Techlore ( like all youtubers), and I said: “Well, that’s normal, because all youtubers have their haters”, but there are people who affirm that what Techlore does is “false” and that “we shouldn’t trust him”. And as you can already imagine, I want to know if this is true with strong evidence.

Also, I watched this video: Don't Trust Techlore. Here's Why - Invidious where they mention various aspects against Techlore. And I would like to know how true is what this random youtuber mentions in this video.
I’m not going to say: “No. This is false because he barely has 20 subscribers”, because it doesn’t make any sense to me, but OF COURSE I’m not going to give him the whole reason either, because I don’t know him or anything.

But the most important thing, and what I want to highlight from all this is: Is Techlore reliable and how can we prove it with strong evidence? Who can I trust and who can’t? What can I do to feel safe in this community (I’m not referring specifically to everything related to Techlore, but everything in general)?

And well, as you can already imagine, I am a very distrustful person :), so I apologize if something in this text sounds rude or rude, but I just want to feel complete and safe in the community of the online privacy.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day! <3


General thoughts

  • Get your information from multiple sources
  • You don’t have to trust anyone if you don’t want to
  • Make up your own mind whether what someone is telling you is true and corroborate evidence with what they are telling you

Techlore does provide good evidence based content that is contributed to by the community, for example:


Can you say the same for other channels that cover similar content?

Many channels on YouTube (not going to name names) don’t actually provide any evidence or sources for any of their claims, I think that Techlore provides enough evidence based content to make up your own mind on whether what they are saying is true.

Also a similar channel has already been discussed here:


Do your own research and reach your own conclusions don’t solely trust a single source of information and if someone tells you not to listen to anyone else they are probably having you on.


Thanks for your my post as a reliable source

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I follow the other creators mentioned in the video and I honestly wasn’t really aware of all the drama. My take: follow Mental Outlaw and the Hated one (unfortunately not on Odysee). Search for more creators, get as many different points of view as possible. And learn technical things. Get a degree in It or networking if you can.


Sounds great! Thank you for your contribution! :smiley:

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