If you found a blank CD what would you do with it?

If you found some blank CD lying around your house what would you do with it? I would throw it away cause usb drives are WAY better in my opinion and CD’s just arent realy that viable any more. it would just be a waste of space (for me atleast). What about you?

I guess it depends on what you would plan to do with it, the space that you require for the task at hand, and the size / convenience factor (as you stated). Now, if you found a blank M Disk blue ray with 25 gigs, I’d be happy to use that as an archive specific storage method for pictures or something like that.

If we are talking a standard 700mb CD-R, could be used for short term storage, a means of transferring data to comps that still have CD drives, air gaped set ups, etc.


Very interesting reply!

Not gonna lie, when I was a kid in the Vista days (God help me), I would always try to make a DVD of personal family pictures and things.
I think I would to the same and hand it out to friends.
Only thing I remember trying to do. Now days I can always share a mega link and Go with it, but it means more with the time and energy spent on making something that means alot with memory’s from friends.

Huh,never thought about it like that.