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a previous thread just mentioned safety of wiping storage.

way back in windows xp64bit about halflife of the product (oldpeople moment) a new standard jumped into the market of putting untouchable files on a hard drive collected at every new windows install. this is done in a ever increasing sized (normally) invisible partition.
every time u made an install and completely wipes a hard drive down to a multiwipe gruman pass these files were still there on the hard drive.
i was able to look at them under extreme “security evaluations” but i could never wipe them.
some folks know about “[parted magic]”(Parted Magic - Wikipedia)"
i dnot recommend it, but for novice beginners it is an option for hand holding.
every install made a new collection of the same folders.
this is also going on with linux distros. every time i reinstall the drive size is reduced, and under super rare circumstances u can view,some of but not modify to new data stored by your last install.

someone somewhere is using that data. i want to know how to make this a more public topic, a public habit to get rid of that data, after thoroughly reviewing it, and if possible eliminate it from ever happening to begin with. knowing where that data is going would also be super cool.

btw, no i never use windows anymore. i try not to even do tek support for it.

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