I want a notes manager that works without internet

I want a program like KeePassXC but for notes manager
It can save files and be encrypted and does not connect to the Internet

For Windows

Fun fact: you can actually save your notes in Keepass!

I don’t use a notes manager but I will link these resources for you to do your own research:

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I know, i can use KeePassXC for save my notes
But KeePassXC was not created for this purpose
That’s why I don’t like it

I have tried most of the programs suggested on these sites
But I didn’t like them in terms of designs
And the way it works is like a notion and I don’t like imitation very much

I’m looking forward to something new open source

Well I guess I can’t be of any help, however one last nugget of info:

I personally use Notally on android for note-taking, It is very minimal and pleasing to the eye, it is not cross platform although you can export your notes as TXT, XML, JSON, HTML or PDF files with formatting.
Maybe try and look into that if you like.

I will keep an eye on this topic because I kind of need a notes manager myself.

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Thank you, I appreciate your trying to help me

You could use https://obsidian.md/ no need have it online

I was going to recommend Obsidian as well but I didn’t know if it has encryption features out of the box. This thread on the Obsidian forum seems to imply that you would have to handle the encryption yourself.

Standard Notes is another I have my eye on because I would like to use a FOSS text editor. Haven’t tried out for any significant amount of time, though.

Maybe take a look at Standard Notes? It should cover your criteria. It does not require internet, and can encrypt notes saved to your machine. You just need to set it up. It does not encrypt, by default.

Now, the software is not perfect. For example, they do offer premium tiers, to unlock features. You even need to create an account, just to theme the software… absolutely ridiculous. This means that you will loose some privacy, if you want to be a registered user. I’m also not sure how being a registered user, would effect your need for an offline use case. Personally, for me, the lack of being able to change the theme, is a huge dealbreaker (I hate light themes).

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Standard Notes is encrypted by default, it does not lock individual notes with a password by default. Important distinction. It is definitely worth the money if you take a lot of notes.

Joplin , Marktext

Note: Marktext doesn’t offer signed releases as it’s alpha software which may be a security concern depending on your threat model.

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Just loaded up the software, to double check.

Encryption is not enabled. Sign in, register, or add a passcode lock to enable encryption.

That’s what it says when you first install it. You need to set a passcode for it to start encrypting your notes. Once a passcode is set, that’ll be replaced with how many notes are encrypted, along with other data, like tags.

:astonished: Never mind, you are correct, thanks for checking!

I second Joplin, not my favourite but works well, and more importantly in this case, works offline