I tried IceDrive BUT I figured out it doesn't offer syncing folder capabilities. What are our favourite cloud services that are syncing folders then?

With syncing folders capabilities I mean dropbox/onedrive clone…

You should check out filen.io. It is not a super polished service yet, as it is still very new, but from a privacy standpoint it is good. They offer a desktop client with folder syncing. They are also very active within their communities.

As a bonus, their support is brilliant in my experience.

Here is my topic on it:


I know that people will not like it, but try MEGA. Their app(s) and service is great.

What about Cryptomator ? You can then use OneDrive or Dropbox, they won’t be able to access your file ?

I don’t use the syncing folders so I don’t know how usable it would be.

I use Cryptomator with filen.io, the main thing about filen.io is because are privacy-focused that means they are more likely to respect privacy than OneDrive. They also have really great pricing + limited lifetime plans (which you can buy with bitcoin)

I’m waiting to have more feedback from sources I trust about Filen because it looks almost too good to be true :sweat_smile:
But Cryptomator makes it so you don’t have to worry about the cloud being secure nor private (some metadata and usage diagnostic could still be a concern on platform like OneDrive and Dropbox though)

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Personally I trust them. They have (as far as I know) a very small team but, they have a warrant canary which some bigger companies don’t have.

They have either got an audit done and are waiting for the results or they are getting an audit done.

If you use Cryptomator with filen.io there is not much trust needed.

For example, when you use OneDrive they will ask you for your billing address, with filen.io all you need to give them is an email and your payment method (which can be Bitcoin on lifetime plans)

The main downside is, they use Stripe for credit card payments - which keeps records for at least 5 years.

They are also very active within their community.

Looks good, I wonder how they managed the cheap pricing (and good free-tier, it’s maybe temporary to bring in new clients).

You also need trust in reliability as it’s pretty new.

Thanks for the informations, Filen definitely looks promising !

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I think one of the reasons it is cheap is because they host bare-metal servers with Hetzner, you can check out the reddit and you will probably find some more in-depth answers.

On their reddit (I think) they also outlined the energy costs in Germany and how they were modelling the pricing of the lifetime plans, personally I think this is great transparency.

Your welcome! :smiley:

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