I switch to Microsoft Edge from Brave (browser for accounts) - Here's why

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you all that I recently switched from Brave to Microsoft Edge for my online account activity. As someone who values security and keeping up with the latest technology, I found that Edge was the better choice for my needs.

The main reason I switched to Edge is because of its security features. Microsoft has been putting a lot of effort into making Edge a top-notch browser when it comes to security, and it shows. Edge has built-in security features that help protect against phishing, malware, and other threats. This is important to me because I often use my accounts for sensitive information, such as banking and online shopping, and I want to be sure that my data is protected.

In addition, Edge offers features such as a “Enhanced security” feature. This runs your unknown sites without just-in-time (JIT) compilation to provide additional protection. Running without JIT reduces the attack surface, making it more difficult to exploit malicious sites. Also, this feature includes Windows operating system mitigations such as hardware-enhanced stack protection, arbitrary code protection, and control flow protection.

As I’m currently using Windows 11, it’s reassuring to know that Edge is designed to work seamlessly with the latest version of Windows and takes advantage of its built-in security features.

In conclusion, I am really happy with my decision to switch to Microsoft Edge. It has all the security and cosmetic features I need for my online account activity.

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Yes, for exchange of your privacy. (Just an info)

Your part is done by using the legit website, with a device that has no viruses / keyloggers. The protection of your data is depending on the service and how they handle data on their servers.

Brave runs on chromium which is pretty secure for most usecases, but I suggest you keep using Edge with MDAG for sensitive stuff. Overall, a good decision.

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I won’t use my browser for anything PERSONNAL as I have specified in the topic’s title. I know that there’s a privacy concern with Edge but I have disabled some tracking options. I am visiting the same websites which are my accounts. I have also blocked Microsoft/Edge telemetry in order to limit the tracking. Also this decision has been made because of my threat model so everyone doesn’t have the same needs.

There’s many sophisticated online attacks like Zero-day exploits which I may be impacted by this. Accounts are the most sensitive thing you have on the Internet so it’s good to use a browser that has very good security practicies like Edge.

To each his/her own! I primarily use Brave but also keep Librewolf on-hand as well. That being said, if this is the best fit for your threat model then do you my guy. I don’t trust Microsoft to give Edge any sort of meaningful privacy settings, but that’s just me. Nobody can tell you to do something you don’t believe in and I’m definitely not enough of an authority to judge.

I am a little confused though:

I won’t use my browser for anything PERSONNAL as I have specified in the topic’s title.

In the title you state that you use Edge as your “browser for accounts”. What exactly do you mean? I read that to mean that you would be using Edge for personal accounts, which would contradict the quote above, but I get the feeling that isn’t what you mean. Any clarification you might be able to provide would be appreciated! I’m simply curious and interested in understanding your use case. Thanks! :beers:

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Using a yubiley may help you further in this regard though I don’t know for sure you already do use them or not.

Sorry, but I cannot afford one for the moment, I am currently using an authenticator app.

Yes, I admit that it is a bit confusing.

I mean that Edge will be my primary browser to login/create to any online account in my possesion.