I Regret Buying a Librem 5 - Here's Why!

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Just to reiterate: I want to eventually get my hands on one. I already have the PinePhone & PinePhone Pro I need to review, and would love to compare them to the Librem 5 - but here’s where things are at so far on the journey! Leave your feedback below!

I doubt Purism would love this quite as much :upside_down_face:

Honestly, the only pro that the Librem 5 has are the kill switches. Personally, I’m holding on to the hope that the team over at Framework makes a phone that is repairable and has kill switches.

Google Pixel ironically remains the best functional and private phone.

I had no idea that Purism was doing stuff like this. Thanks for bringing some attention to it. Until today I was keeping an ear out for a new model, but now I’m not going to bother. Even more so if they are not honouring your refund request. Surely that’s a crime, right? I know it is where I live. Either way, it’s disgusting.

Putting Purism on the list of companies to avoid.

They are an odd company, I wish they never made that phone.

I don’t own one of their laptops, but their laptops seem really good. PureBoot seem like it’s one of the better Coreboot versions, and PureOS is one of the few fully featured Linux that is completely free software and recommended by the FSF. There are legit reasons to buy their laptop.

Everything they make isn’t shit, but that phone borderline seems like a scam.

They also had some problems with the Qubes OS project where they got their laptop certified by Qubes OS, and then changed the design of the laptop and transferred the certification to the new design without telling anyone.

The Pinephone also has kill switches, they are just a bit less convenient to access.

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maybe next time do Payment On Delivery.