I need a voice changer

Hello all,

Can anybody recommend me a good free voice changer software, and by that I don’t mean a ‘fun’ voice changer but one that can really hide your real voice including the pitch. The problem I have with most mainstream voice changer programs is that they don’t really hide your real voice, because when you tweak the pitch a bit through audacity you are able to tune into your real original voice.

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Also interested in the topic, let’s see what people have to say

You’ve named one yourself, audacity. DAWs (digital audio workstations) and other audio editing software are very capable. You get the control to change your voice recording as much as you see fit. However, I do question why you don’t just use text-to-speech.

Not Foss but looks promising Koe Recast - Recast

This is exactly what I need, too bad you can only record 30 seconds max.

Talking is easier than writing imo in some cases, I guess I could do it with audacity but I’m a noob at that software.

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Yeah that does suck