I clicked on a virus link, What to do now?

One of the pages that iam following on Facebook but a link in a story and i was trying to copy it to scan it but i accidentally clicked on it

:warning::warning::warning: This is the virus link :warning::warning::warning:

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Facebook blocked it at this level

I used my tools to get tge latest link it was about to redirect my to and it was this

:warning::warning::warning:This is the latest redirect but i didn’t open it​:warning::warning::warning:

[mod edit - please do not post malicious links]

Am i infected now??? Should i format my mobile??
Should i change my passwords??

Iam sooooo afraid

I think the browser displays this message BEFORE the connection to the website so I think you should be fine.

And also don’t click any suspicious link on your phone. If you really want to go to these links, try them first on an isolated environment like a VM with a live ISO of Linux Mint XFCE or another lightweight distro for example.


Well, i didn’t follow any links here, but i doubt that you’ve caught a persistent malware, a simple reboot will eliminate any non-persistent malware, which is the most probable kind that you might’ve caught.

The second problem can be is that this malware might’ve stolen some of your cookies of the sites that you’ve been logged into in the browser at the moment.

I recommend you after the reboot to go and purge the app that you clicked this link from, it’s probably browser, right? You should consider changing your passwords to the accounts that you’ve been logged into. Better do it on a reliable device that’s not been hacked. Changing your passwords never hurts.

Also you might want to scan your device with an antivirus for good measure. By the screenshots i assume you have an Android, then try Hypatia from F-Droid. But before scanning download and update signature databases and also check /system scanning.


Here is what I would do from an my perspective.

  • Run the link through Virus total, and have it reported

  • Run malwarebytes with a scan on your phone for safe measure (or make sure you use what is available to you like Eset, Sentinel One etc…).

The only good open source clam AV which is also a good alternative if this is also wanted and on android

  • Only open links in the browser that has ad block (Ublock) and enable HTTPS only mode. This can be done on Firefox and chromium browsers.

If this is on IPhone, this may be different as I believe that prohibit this as far as I’m aware for extentions as android do this.

  • I would also change the password if that specific account and any accounts that may have been signed in to on the Facebook browser, and mass sign out from facebook, and clear the cache, cookies and delete and reinstall the app from official sources only.

I see no reason why you would be infected with anything, seeing that the browser blocked you from visiting the site. Assuming you didn’t hit “continue to site”, the site doesn’t even know that you tried to go there :smile: (that’s my understanding of it)

No, loading the certificate to display that error in the first place does involve making a connection to the site. The risk of getting malware via that process is nearly 0, but the website certainly could see the initial connection.

Blocking malware domains at the DNS level and enabling Safe Browsing in your browser are both things which could prevent this from happening.

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Ah ok, makes sense :grin:

I was using NextDNS with the same config that Henry showed in the video on Techlore channel amd till now iam still using it, So that means the connection should be stopped right?

I showed in my question that the last redirect was to a Php website which i didn’t reach but i used a tool to see the final link, Am i safe right now??