I am signing up for privacy.com and am wondering what info to fake and what to put as real

Ok so basically it is asking for stuff like name and last 4 numbers of ssn so im not really sure if i can fake it and stuff. I could try putting 4 random numbers ig but if it doesnt let me i wouldnt just put someone elses name and their last 4 numbers because it seems wrong. Basically I am kind of just wondering what I can and can’t fake here.

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for phone number I am putting real btw just for my own convenience and stuff.

US law requires KYC, so you need to be as honest as you can. Otherwise they might just block you from registering.

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what is kyc
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KYC= Know Your Customer

Meaning they need to know you you are. So generally: SSN, real name & address.

KYC sucks, we all know. But for something that offers you unlimited VCCs is probably worth giving them information required to use their service. They will check the name against the cards given and the SSN. It will be trivial to find out who you are if they do a background check, so it’s on you to trust their promises of keeping that information under lock and key. Just be conscious of what you’re doing.

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Privacy[.]com, just like any VPN provider, is place to which you transfer your trust, not gain anonymity. Instead of trusting random websites/services that do who-knows-what with your personal and financial data, you are instead trusting Privacy as the single entity with that information. Again, it doesn’t give you anonymity, just privacy.

I would add that a company like Privacy[.]com is more prone to listening to customer feedback based on privacy and security concerns. If Facebook leaks your data, oops oh well will be their response. If Privacy[.]com leaks your data… oh boy.

Sometimes negative feedback will be overblown, but they can’t deprioritize it like other technology companies may try to do. Nor do I think they would want that from themselves.