I am facing unusual sign in activity into my Microsoft account

What do you want advice about?
How to stop those ip attacks to my account
What have you considered or looked at already?
I have called Microsoft customer care but issue is still present they cannot fix it

In brief, tell us about your privacy threat model? On 4 July my Facebook account got changed without my notice but I was able to use it how I don’t know , Thousands of me mail came to me from different named persons with link attached to it no matter how much I reported the links it constantly came in and I by mistake while deleting them clicked on it one by one of my account are getting compromised two accounts are already gone by ivanmorozovad2378@rambler.ru
Now after I lost there are unusual activity in my accounts As I have changed passwords for apps like. Spotify ShopatSc and etc and Microsoft account too but my Microsoft account is getting unusual activity requests from different Ip addresses and locations like US , UK Nigeria Taiwan Russia and Tiango , Poland and etc and now I am unable to track

Please help :pray::pray::pray::pray: in the name of dear lord as I didn’t have sound sleep since 15 days


Before all these events, have you considered enabling 2FA on all of your personal accounts, have you also considered using a password manager to generate very strong passwords and store them to a secure vault. That is basic security practicies that everyone should follow.

For your Microsoft account, can you still access it? Then, I think there’s a setting to purge all connected devices or something like that on your Microsoft account dashboard.


Sir I have 2FA I am secure but Hacked is trying multiple times to breach my account and now I am using my account through my authenticator app only

Hmmm. Maybe did you have stored your passwords into your browser (which is fundamentally insecure) and that a malware has infected a computer and then stole all your passwords.

Also, go to haveibeenpwned.com and enter your main e-mail address to see if your mail + password was in a data breach.


What if my email comes then what should I do

Can it stop automatically

Then you should change all your password but that’s useless since you have done it, right?

Yes sir I have already done it

15 Days!! First get some sleep.

You need to troubleshoot your issues and it sounds as if you have many. Find a point to focus and do not keep cycling through everything in your mind.
Locking down and securing everything may be an option with your account. As well do you have a back up of everything related to Microsoft. If so start purging get rid of what ever whom ever may be after.
If this is work related then you may need to work with your employer.

I know slowly migrating away from a service takes time but you may need to just create a new account, if it will provide you peace and sleep.

Hey I am not able to delete the account so I created new account and formatted everything and started using it so I am not able to change my organisational mail and I cannot delete as I am the default tenant so …Help??

I have been thinking to remove that account from my device and also delete every other option to recover it so that automatically after 2-3 years it will be deleted according to inactivity laws

I want to ask till how many days will this continue

Please anyone tell ??

Personally, I wouldn’t worry to much about it. If you have a unique, strong Password + 2FA enabled, it is nearly impossible for a normal commoner to break in. I see daily login attempts in my outlook account but the password is always wrong. I think they are just testing common passwords against my account

But I asking how to get rid of them if it is not possible then tell me how much days it will continue

I don’t think they will stop or that you can get rit of it. Just make sure that your account is properly protected. And for the future and for other accounts, apply proper privacy practices to make sure your email does not leak and if it did, that they cannot break in.

I am asking it has been a month already so

Did you first did what I said in this topic (deleting the tenant)?