HR Record Retention Guidelines for 2023

One of my previous employers was hacked. So yeah I get 24 months of credit monitoring, not going to happen… I do not work there so why do they still have my personal information? Well its the law they retain this data.

“It is common for businesses to elect to store the entire personnel file for 7 years after employee termination, regardless of what the various regulations require, as this would typically cover the maximum state and federal statutes of limitations.”

Can I see what data they have collected on me? Depends.

Employee Access to Personnel Files

While the laws surrounding access to personnel files vary from state to state, employees generally have the right to request and access the information contained in their own personnel file, including job applications, compensation records, performance evaluations, and disciplinary records for as much as a full year after termination.

Consider how you can manage what you share with your employers and how to mitigate any risk.

I elected to use a PO Box for mail require by law to be mailed, and any other services that receive my mailing address get the PO Box. This safe guards my physical address. If or when I get a new job, I would get a new PO Box.

My current employer does not have my current physical address. The drivers license they have a copy of is from a previous address.

My financial information which I shared is related to direct deposit information that I know of not considering earnings, retirement plans etc. Using one bank for direct deposit and another bank for banking services is how I have things set up. Unfortunately, my financial information from my old job is my bank which I use for regular banking. Banking and Retirement issues are low risk high priority as they are secure services. Still I use a separate bank for a Savings bank.
My current employer only has my direct deposit bank account information.

My health Insurance information at my previous employer is of little concern as I have changed most every issues I have except Social Security related leaks.
My current employer has my social security information and this should be no surprise freeze your credit. Using a PO Box again separates myself from my physical address.

Other data that I was informed could have been leaked include:
*Full Name
*address, date of birth
*social security number
*drivers license and or passport
*U.S alien registration number
*visa or work eligibility documents
*financial account information
*health insurance information.

Employment is a necessity for most Americans so this should be universal information.
Safeguarding our public information is our individual responsibility.

I use DeleteMe and most all my PII that could have been leaked has been provided to DeleteMe to opt out and remove this PII data from data brokers.