How to use useful extensions without compromising your fingerprint On my Personal profiles these are all my extensions, and I want to use vimunim i’m unsure if it compromises my fingerprint.
How do you anoymize your fingerprint but still have useful extensions i.e privacy bager?

I think you are going to find that many will recommend only uBlock Origin. Firefox and Brave have some built-in fingerprinting protection.
Lord Henry himself suggested that I consider using simply uBlock and dumping the rest.
I was using Privacy Badger, Adblocker, and a fingerprinting protection add-on at the time.

You simply can’t without making you look like a glow stick, @media rules are too powerful.

Don’t use so much extensions on your personal profile. It appears that you are using Brave so you don’t need to use any extensions at all. You may create another profile for browsing yt where you can add stuff like Return YT Dislike SponsorBlock etc.

Seriously? I didn’t think you could do that what about vimium it makes my browser more convient which profile should have that?

Okay if I can’t use extensions without appearing unique what can I do?

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This is a little old, but from what I understand, it will be updated soon in GI vol.2

Maybe a second profile which you use for office work or some useless browsing…idk. Again maybe you don’t care about being fingerprinted…depends on you entirely. I can’t tell you what you should do.

Honestly, attempting to prevent fingerprinting with any browser but the Tor browser is a very uphill battle. It’s still best to minimize extensions as much as possible but I think the primary benefit is reducing attack surface with increased anonymity being a secondary benefit. I think the general consensus is that uBlock Origin is the only privacy-focused extension you need. If you have other extensions that you like to use, probably best to keep them confined to a browser profile and use a browser profile with minimal extensions for general browsing.

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