How to transition conversation from a public forum to an encrypted messenger without divulging personal contact information?

How do you reach out to someone on a public forum to start a side bar conversation on an encrypted platform without divulging any personal information while simultaneously requiring no information from them?


  1. I don’t want to provide my email or phone number on a public forum. ( personal email, proton alias, signal, session are out)
  2. I could request them to email me and provide an anon addy or simplelogin alias but then they would have to reply from their personal email if they are not privacy savy.
  3. I could share a blank .txt file in a password protected shared folder, but that would probably seem kind of sketchy.

Threat Model:
I have no enemies nor assets significant enough to be targeted.

Closing Thoughts:
In my mind this tool would be a cloud hosted, zero access encrypted, password protected chat platform that can be initiated with a unique , never repeating, URL.

Does such a tool exist?

Example Scenario:

  1. Multiple people on forum
  2. Person A says to person B "Hey person B lets chat on such-n-such app. (Attach custom URL to 1 on 1 chat window)
  3. Person B clicks on URL.
  4. Person B is routed to such-n-such app web portal and prompted for a password with a hint Person A set up.
  5. Person B enters the correct password
  6. Both person A and B continue their conversation on an encrypted platform without ever exchanging contact information.
  7. Prior to closing the chat Person B is given the opportunity to change their password and create an account.

Thanks for your thought.

  • Pistachio

Why did you exclude Session ? That’s what I use to talk with strangers in an encrypted way it won’t divulg anything beside your session ID, which is tied to nothing.

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To my limited understanding your session id is a unique identifier like a phone number or bitcoin wallet. Aside of the hurdle of getting someone to download yet another app, the unique identifier still stands to be connected back to you. (Especially if posted publicly.) I’m looking for an OTP style session ID. I don’t want multiple forum alias tied together with a central session ID.

I realize the scenario is a bit obscure.

Maybe cwtch or SimpleX Chat

I never used any of these but both are open source, so do your own research about them :wink:

I would use something like Onionshare to host a temporary anonymous chat.
Since no real info needs to be provided other than the link and the key to the chatroom which are not tied to you and are hosted on the Tor network, and since the chatroom server can be stopped at anytime this is imo one of the best ways to talk/exchange information.

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Thanks for the suggestions!
I guess the phrase i was looking for was “no user identifiers”.

Ill have to test some of these out.

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