How to To trust Cromite like I was trusting Bromite?

I found a fork of Bromite browser called Cromite which was mentioned in Libreware channel on Telegram
Cromite is the uptodate version of Bromite but how could i trust this developer like the developer of Bromite??

Cromite github page: GitHub - uazo/cromite: Cromite a Bromite fork with ad blocking and privacy enhancements; take back your browser!


Don’t quote me on this but I think the developer of Cromite maintained Bromite for a while since the main developer is inactive.

The open source nature of the project eliminates most of the trust issues. Though there’s no point in open source if no one is checking the code, so it’s okay to be skeptical about an unpopular project.

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I’d wait till the project gets some kind of attention (and people who look at the code) and the dev shows that he is able release updates in a timely manner.

Open Source doesn’t mean that its private, secure or free of malware

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yeah but cromite seems to be atleast better than bromite, all things considered.

It doesn’t support arm7 so what’s the point of using it if it doesn’t work on low powered hardware

Well for people who have high powered hardware that’s not an issue

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But that doesn’t mean that it can’t work on 32 bit hardware if Bromite can work fine Why can’t Chromite Support as well

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Been usin Cromite for a week and the experiment is great tho