How to send email from Proton from custom email alias?

I have an email alias provided to me by an organization. I’d like to send emails from that alias, but I use Proton Mail and don’t own the domain name for the alias. Is there a way for me to be able to set up outbound email to use this alias, whether from Proton or a third party client that works with Proton?

What do you mean you have an alias provided to you? Is it an email account that you have full control over and can send messages with it? Or is it just an address that you can give out for this organization related business? Then how can you receive messages sent to you on this alias?

Proton is an email service. They manage email for you, either with their domain, or one that you own.

You can’t simply transfer an email address that’s used with another email service (eg gmail) over to protonmail. It’s not your email address in the sense that you don’t own the domain and they could take it from you at any time.

If you’re looking for an email client, check out thunderbird.

If you’re really keen on doing this, you could have your own server and a script send these emails, but I assume that involves a lot of work.

It’s an open source org that provides members an email alias but not an email service. So it’s great if I want to give out an address that’s related to the org, but not good if I want to initiate the communication because it would be coming from an address.

Yeah, that was my concern, but it may be something I’ll just have to deal with. Could Thunderbird do what I’m looking for? And does it work well with Proton Mail?

You’ll need premium to decrypt emails so you can use it on thunderbird. You could use thunderbird to manage both emails from a single program, but otherwise isn’t much use. Proton mail will still have nothing to do with your organisation email, unfortunately, and there’s no way for you to benefit from Proton’s (allegedly) zero access encryption unless you own the domain (which you do not).

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